Friday Game Night 11. Nov, PlanetSide 2

We have very recently entered an affiliation with the people at CinemaQuestria. A bit of cross-site friendship, acknowledging each others positions in the community and directing a bit of traffic back and helping each other out. So without further ado, we have an announcement of theirs to bring you.
Tomorrow, or Today, the 11th of November, CinemaQuestria is having another go at their recurring segment, Friday Game Night. As you might already have figured, this time around it's gonna be a jolly session of the large scale fps PlanetSide 2. It is a perfect opportunity to pop in for a relaxed game with like-minded fans of the small horse. Details below
Game: PlanetSide 2
  • Server: Emerald
  • Faction: Vanu Sovereignty
Join in at the usual CinemaQuestria Stream, at
Event starts at 9:30 pm EDT or 2:30 CET on the 12th for us in Europe.
Want to get even more involved? Join their Steam group, where the organize the events, which you can get notifications about.
With all that said, I hope to see you there! Well, no actually, I am hopefully asleep at two at night, but go socialize and play with the guys at CQ guys anyway! It is what they are doing this for! It will be a blast!

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