Pony Room Online - Open Server Session

I know we're late to the party, but darnit.
Through the channel of Yudhaikeledai, of Pony Sims fame, FanatSors have announced an open test session of his game, Pony Room Online, over the course of a few days. I have personally never heard of this project before now, but having spent a few hours, I can tell you it's a pretty enjoyable little MMO in it's very early alpha stages. Unlike Legend of Equestria, it has actual gameplay beyond phasing through fellow ponies and dancing in line in front of sugarcube corner. Stay tuned for a more in-depth piece about it the upcoming days.
You can go to the video description and find the downloads, along with a link to the accompanying Discord server, where the developers and anyone enthusiastic about the game hangs out for those delicious instant updates on the thing. I've got to mention, as a short disclaimer, there is currently only Windows versions available, but that's what most of you use anyway, so oh well.
Admittedly we are already two-three days late with this announcement and we don't have a definitive time frame for when the server is gonna be shut down. However it is still running as this moment, so if you are quick enough pop in and boop some snootles before it is too late!

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