Re-introducing Lyra's List!

A long time ago, on an iteration of this website now long gone, there used to be a recurring post every month under the name of Lyra's List with a simple mission: compile Game Design Documents and list available talent for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan games. Whether you had an amazing idea for the fandom's Next Big (Playable) Thing but had none of the skill to bring it to life, did have the skill but simply couldn't go it alone, or even having the skill, whether as a programmer, musician, artist or writer, but didn't have a project to call your own, you turned to Lyra's List.
Now that we've really got the ball rolling again here at Equestria Gaming, we think the time is more than right to bring Lyra's List back. If any of the above describes you, check the details below the break for more information.
While I could personally re-write an entire explanation of what a Game Design Document is and how the whole thing works, I believe Enigma Sage's explanation in the original introduction post says it the best.
One of the first steps in the development of many games is to write a Game Design Document (or GDD). A GDD's purpose is to coordinate efforts amongst a development team. It forms a sort of guide to all the team-members, so everyone has a sight of the overall vision.
A GDD simply contains information on aspects of the game, such as story, characters, level design, gameplay, art, music, user interface, and controls. There's no specific formula to create a GDD, it just has whatever information and content the developer chooses to include. For example, some GDDs include portions of script, and others include concept art. Neither of these steps are necessary, but are often used.
The role of Lyra's List is to take submissions in the form of GDDs, and compile them in a list so that people with a vision of a pony game can meet and collaborate with people who have game making experience, to help make truly amazing video games.
Additionally, as stated in the introduction, future iterations of Lyra's List will also compile "resumes" or "profiles" for those with the skills to contribute to a project but have yet to find one, and "Help Wanted" listings for projects and teams in need of a little extra help.
So, that said, on to the fun part!

Submitting A Game Design Document

When submitting a Game Design Document , please include the following:
  • "GDD" somewhere in the subject line
  • Your Name/Horsenet Handle
  • Working Title of the game
  • Game Design Document, written in any length and format in a public Google Docs file
  • Genre (insofar as you can describe it)
  • Project Length. Anywhere from short term (< 1 week), medium term (1 - 6 weeks), or long term (6 weeks+)
For an example of what a Game Design Document as featured in Lyra's List looks like, refer to the submissions in the last Lyra's List post .

Submitting A Help Wanted Listing

When submitting a Help Wanted Listing for your project and/or team, please include the following:
  • "Help Wanted" somewhere in the subject line
  • Your Name/Horsenet Handle
  • Working Title of the game/project and the team
  • Talent wanted (artist, writer, programmer, etc.)
  • Contact information
  • Optionally, the website of the project or team if not submitting a GDD

Submitting An Artist Profile/Resume

When submitting an Artist Profile/Resume , which is a document listing skills , primary talent (artist, writer, programmer, etc.), experience , preferred genre and so on, please include the following:
  • "Profile" or "Resume" somewhere in the subject line
  • Your Name/Horsenet Handle
  • A resume/artist profile, written in any length and format in a public Google Docs file
  • Contact information
  • Alternatively, simply linking to a website (e.g. a DeviantArt account) containing your work along with the proper contact info, etc. is also acceptable.
Please send all submissions to our submit box, linked here and in the navbar above.
With that said and done, the submission period for what will hopefully be Lyra's List #17 is now open! We'll be compiling everything on May 15th , so mark your calendars, folks!
Oh, and do let us know in the comments if you have any questions or perhaps even ideas to improve this thing!

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