Equestria Gaming's Sixth Anniversary!

Well, would you look at that. Looks like it's a certain colorful horse gaming website's anniversary today! It's kinda hard to believe this place has been around for six years, isn't it? That's cumulatively speaking, anyway; the actual "active time" count being a little wonky what with all the inactivity and outright death and junk. Still though, given all the stops and starts over the years, the fact that the site's still around and kicking (not to mention something I've happily become a part of!) even through all of that is simply amazing to me!
Y'know, I've got to admit that it's quite a bit harder to write up something with more substance than just "hey the site aged how about that" than I thought it was going to be. Our version of Equestria Gaming is rather different than the site in years past, seeing as this is a very independent reboot-slash-continuation of the original , meaning that we just don't have around on-staff capable of waxing nostalgic in a way you'd expect for a later anniversary.
Of course, that doesn't mean we can't have anything like that! We might not have been around here for a super long time, but we were (er, mostly) readers once and have at least some memories all the same! Which brings me to my point; the same goes for all of you out there reading this post! We've got a comment section, you have the memories or at least something to say; wax nostalgic about Equestria Gaming, colorful horse gaming, or even just colorful horses in general below!
To those of you that have stuck around the past six years, thank you! Onward towards the future!

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