Everfree Games - A Public MLP Gamedev Discord Server

We've made some new friends today! Everfree Games is, as the title and the newly added button on the left suggests hint hint, click it!, is a public Discord server focused primarily around pony game development, but which also caters to horse artists, writers and musicians; y'know, your pastel horse-themed creative and productive types!
In terms of a general "mission statement" for the server, to quote the creator:
With Cloudsdale having been shut down, and MyLittleGameDev/MyLittleGameChat being rather quiet and lacking in activity, I felt there needed to be an easier and more streamlined place for people to share their works, so I set up the Everfree Games server. I figured a public Discord server would work best since lots of people have Discord already, with anyone being able to join in without even installing the app.
So yeah, if you just so happen to be a horse game developer, or even a writer, artist or musician, or perhaps even aspire to be one, why not pop in and chat with some like-minded folk? It's a creative bonanza just waiting to happen!

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