MLP:FiM - Pony Creator Finished

MLP: FiM - Pony Creator is an advanced Pony creator programed in flash by generalzoi.

This game has no goal, allowing you to fully customize a pony of your own. Unlike other Pony creators, this one is extremely extensive! You can choose from a wide scale of different sizes and shapes for your pony, randing from filly to Slenderpony height. The colors for your pony's mane, coat, and tail are all full color scale. There are a bunch of different head shapes as well, allowing you to create either a male or a female pony. A full selection of Eyes, Expressions, mouthes, manes and tales, a cutie mark creator, custom poses, and accessories really makes this game stand out.

When playing this, I experienced very few problems, the only one worth mentioning was dealing with the eye location. When the eye is really small, it gets 'stuck' on the edge where it can't go any further. This isn't a major problem, because you're still able to move it with your mouse, it just doesn't go as far as some might hope.

Too lazy to color correctly. Or find the right mane/tail.

The game really does come with a lot of customization, and after it's 'completion', it comes fully loaded with a pose function, where you can either choose from a list of preset poses, or pose each limb on it's own. You're also able to export the pony in png image format with a transparent background. You can also save it as a high quality image, though due to some strange coding bugs, both export buttons may not work at times, he is currently looking for a solution to this minor problem (I only had problems with the high res so far).

The game also includes a number/letter import/export function, so you can share your pony design, or save your pony design for later editing! Though please don't spam the comments with your pony designs. That's what DeviantArt is for.

This game was made very well, and even though it might seem a little complex at first, the tutorial and guide definitely helped, and was jam-packed with different customization features. This game runs very smooth, but being the game it is, I cannot  put a rating on it. So have Insane Pinkie and Flootershoi instead.
- Strawberry Spice

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