Brony Day Terraria Giveaway! Deadline Change!

Me and a BUNCH of other sites are getting together and hosing 7 different contests for 7 copies of Terraria!
You can find the post on EqD here:
So here is my contest:

16-Bit Game Contest

Contest Details:
Make an 16-bit styled game with ponies!

1. Sprites MUST be 16-bit (or less)
2. The music can be anything, it doesn't have to be 16-bit, though it would fit best.
3. The deadline is September 15th (As of now, is still subject to change).
4. Send the finished game to
5. The title of the email should be "Game Contest"
6. You should include the author of the game, and preferably sources to your materials.

Due to some confusion, only the sprites have to be 16-bit styled. It doesn't matter what you use to make it as long as it looks 16-bit.

Have those games come right to me! If you want, a good source to 16-bit pony sprites is the Desktop Ponies program.

Happy Brony Day!
- Strawberry Spice

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