Questria Unponified (Sort of)

 After I posted about Pony Civil War earlier today it occurred to me that we hadn't heard from Questria's development team for quite some time, and I decided to visit their website. Turns out that after Fighting is Magic went kaput the devteam was rather shaken (as were many other fangame developers), and today they announced that Questria would no longer be a My Little Pony fangame, but take place within its own universe. As to whether or not Questria will still have ponies remains to be seen, but I hope that they do decide to stick with ponies. Hasbro can't exactly sue everything that contains ponies, right? That's like Mattel suing Matchbox because both of them make die cast toy cars.

 So...yeah. If Questria abandons ponies entirely, you won't be hearing anything more about their game from this website. Hopefully that is not the case, but until the developers make things clear we'll just have to sit around and speculate.
- Tuxxy

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