Review: Sweetie Bot's Pixel Trip

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Well, I'll be lucky if I ever get Teithepony's Pixel Buster remix out of my head after this. Sweetie Bot has a vendetta against the pixels of the universe, and it's up to you to wreak her vengeance upon them!

Perhaps the pixels are on the offensive. Who knows? Who cares? Regardless, prepare to give your reflexes a run for their money! Review below the break.

From beginning to end, Sweetie Bot's Pixel trip is pulled off with the trademark polish we've come to expect from futzi01. On the sparse title page, the game introduces a new feature - background animations can be turned off to reduce lag.

However, once you start the game, you might want to keep all the lag you can get. Gameplay is vexingly simple: use the up and down arrow keys to guide Sweetie Belle forward, jumping from pixel to pixel. Each key pressed moves her to the closest pixel in that vertical direction. If there's none, prepare to explode against the side of the screen.

Not even the ones that swerve can escape this orgy of destruction.

For a short while, oncoming pixels are slow and survival is a cinch - but they soon speed up. At a certain point (generally beyond a score of 75), pixels appear which slither up and down, making your key-pressing decisions much harder. At time of writing, my best is a combo of 107.

Using the Konami Code while pixel tripping grants you a confusing super power: by holding space, you can simultaneously slow the game down and reverse the direction in which Sweetie Bot moves when you press keys. Be warned: this ability doesn't make your life much easier.

I had no qualms with the execution this game: snappy, simple gameplay, fitting music, and adorable Sweetie Bot sprites combined to make it a treat. What I'd like to see is simply more: power-ups, multiple gameplay modes and perhaps a campaign could really make this game a classic. Final score (with plenty of room to grow:) 6/10.

- Arctic Lux

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