MLP RPG:Fighting the Unknown Update + Exclusive Gift Code

Fighting the Unknown

 It's been over a month since we last posted about Fighting the Unknown, and apparently a lot has been added since then. According to the developer there are 50 new skills with animations, along with 60 new passive skills and whatnot. It looks pretty impressive to me, but since it's such a massive download I'm probably going to have to wait 5 hours before I actually get to play it.

 Also, apparently you can use the code EQGWOOT1 to earn a unique item ingame. It only works for the first twenty people to redeem it, so if I were you I would try and grab it immediately. Thanks to my slow rural ISP I probably won't even get to use this unique item myself, but I hope you all enjoy whatever it is that you unlock. Hopefully the game plays nice with Wine...
- Tuxxy

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