Nightfall Beta 3

Nightfall gameplay screenshot
 Yep, Silly Mare Games has released yet another beta for their upcoming Nightfall project, and it comes with plenty of improvements such as an inventory system, along with a compass to prevent the player from getting lost while exploring the world. Of course, there are also a decent amount of balance upgrades to further polish the experience before release, along with some new night stages and whatnot for those who breezed through the original beta.

I would write more, but I'm rather tired so I'll just copy & paste the changelog below the break. Goodnight, and enjoy the game!

  • Added Inventory and Items system/menu (including Frost and Flame Towers). This is huge. Items are not dropped very much, but you can search for 'Mystery Bags' around the world as well, and I'll be probably adding more and more items in later versions.
  • Added Spirit system. Pretty much like MP in RPGs.
  • Added Compass system. The game really needed this. Now you can wander around without worrying of losing your way back to your base.
  • Added 10 more nights (new enemies, bosses, etc.): up to night 30. Still no story though, just plain old sandbox-building-and-killing-and-upgrading-and-total-chaos nights like it's always been.
  • Unknown structures cannot be collected anymore. You better search for a nice spot amongst some pre-placed trees, because a strategic location is a must now. You won't be able to collect those structures you haven't unlocked yet.
  • Structures can now be healed using spirit. Thanks to EggheadDash for this idea!
  • Longer starting attack range. Because I don't know what I was thinking. The range was ridiculously short.
  • Dirt Blocks no longer cost energy. Again, thanks to EggheadDash for the idea!
  • All characters constantly regenerate energy now (slower than Applejack, though). It's small, but it's there, and makes a huge difference.
  • Rainbow Dash now pierces through enemies while flying.
  • Pinkamena mode now doubles up defense as well.
  • Wider range for Light Torches' effect.
  • Turret Towers have slightly better aim.
  • Lower price for some structures.
  • Shorter days and nights. 200 seconds each, instead of 250.
  • Enemy spawn is now limited to a maximum number of simultaneous enemies.
  • Enemies rebalanced. A lot.
  • Added 'Dirt Block' hotkey (ctrl). And again, thanks to EggheadDash for this idea as well!
  • Added 'order mercenary go to point' key (F). Silly Flitter kept blocking the entrances.
  • Several key changes: 'Mercenaries menu' to G, 'force night' to Backspace, 'Achievements menu' to T, and 'show/hide coordinates' to F5.
  • Game window is now resizable.
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes. A LOT, actually.
- Tuxxy

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