Revenants of Chaos Needs Level Designers

 If this trailer is anything to go by, I'd say that Revenants of Chaos captures Rainbow Dash's speed quite well its gameplay, which is uncommon for most platformers with her as a playable character. Ideally, Rainbow Dash shouldn't be content with simply trotting everywhere, but feel free to break out into a run or take to the skies. This isn't always possible, of course, but this project seems to pull it off quite splendidly, partially helped by an original soundtrack by DasDeer. Thing is, right now they could use some level designers, preferably ones who have tried their hands at Mario or Sonic-style levels in the past. If you'd be interested in helping them out, you could send their leader an email at or message them at their #Project-Dash deviantART page.

Of course, this comes a day after I lament the lack of Rainbow Dash platformers which actually let her fly. Figures.

Bert or Clarence: "Glen or Glenda" for a new generation!
In completely unrelated news, this abomination needs its own game before it eats the internet.
- Tuxxy

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