Flash: Pony Creator v3 / Square Ponies / Taking Wing

If you're like me and school has just kicked into gear again, you might not have time for games which require a serious time investment. But there's always time for flash games.

Updates to generalzoi's (in)famous pony creator, pixelated madness, and more after the break!

For better or worse, the original Pony Creator has been the premier pony image resource for the artistically challenged among the brony fandom since 2011. It's third incarnation boasts a sleek new interface with sliders and arrays of accessories to add to your ponies. While the amount of possible creations has increased dramatically, so have the number of ways to fail (see above.) Have fun, but stick with simple themes and minimize accessories to keep your OC classy!

Square Ponies is ponified twist on the author's previous title Dodge N. Playing initially as one cubic Rainbow Dash, zip around the screen to collect coins while avoiding the multiplying red squares in a manner reminiscent of The World's Hardest Game.

The game's old-school interface and the ongoing difficulty of unlocking playable ponies keep the game interesting for a while, but Square Ponies is a mini-game at heart. Enjoy!

Taking Wing boasts a catchy soundtrack and smooth overall gameplay, but I personally find cloud-dodgers a bit old hat. Playing as a customizeable pegasus (a plus,) soar through the skies for as long as possible without being struck down by parasprites, rain clouds, or passing Wonderbolts!
- Arctic Lux

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