2D Fallout Equestria Game - Update 0.5 Released

After an admittedly stupidly long time of missing out on posting updates on this game for one reason or another, here we are! For the uninitiated, empalu's take on a Fallout Equestria game, as seen above, takes the form of a 2D side-scrolling shooter, and even at this early stage is looking incredibly impressive and actually manages to capture something resembling a Fallout-esque feel. As for what exactly the 0.5 update changes, a Google Translate pass over the entire Russian changelog suggests changes and tweaks aplenty: the beginnings of a story mode, assorted map changes, in-game map transitions, updates to how enemies and how they spawn, and way more than we can reasonably fit in a post!
That all said, there's nothing better than experiencing the game for yourself! Click the link above and try braving the adorable-yet-dangerous tiny horse wasteland, fellow wanderer!
Nota bene: our sincerest apologies to empalu for all of the delays in getting a post about this lovely game out! We've meant to for the longest time, but it just kept slipping through the cracks in one way or another for a variety of reasons. We love you!

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