[Chiptunesday] Starlight - Pony-Bit Beatdown

So, hello and welcome to a little something that we like* to call Chiptunesday! Admittedly, the terrible pun in the title and the embed above kinda sorta completely give away what we're going to be doing in these posts, but hey, I'll break it down anyway: Chiptunesday is a new, recurring feature here on Equestria Gaming dedicated to showcasing all of the raddest colorful-horse-related-and-inspired chiptunes that this wonderful fandom of ours has created, served up hot and fresh (er, relatively; some of these tracks are a bit old) every Tuesday!
Kicking things off on our inaugural Chiptunesday, we have this lovely little track above credited to an artist named "Starlight," which is actually the collab alias of the slightly more familiar fandom musicians Proctra (same channel) and PegasYs. While I can't speak to any technical aspects of the track, I can at least say that it's ridiculously catchy, and it'll definitely be stuck in my head for a good while to come, haha!
* "Like" perhaps being something of a strong word, but both myself and Lex (especially myself) have something of a weakness for awful puns and wordplay, and for lack of anything better, "Chiptunesday" won out.

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