Battle Gem Ponies - Steam Greenlight Update

February has certainly been news-filled, hasn't it? We've got a press release here from the creator of Battle Gem Ponies regarding the most recent update, and even includes some news about the legal side of things that isn't terrifically disappointing! How rare is that? Read on below!
This month's Battle Gem Ponies update is finally here! The notable changes here are character redesigns, a toggle-friendly virtual D-Pad, and bug fixes for the Steam Greenlight release in January. Feedback was taken into account and legal issues have been looked into. A Valve employee even reached out to discuss the issues with the last build and the legal steps necessary to continue.
The game is now sufficiently distinguishable from the things that inspired it. It feels like a mashup of MLP & Pokemon, but it has it's own chibi-pixel style now and none of the characters are confusingly similar to fanon or canon ones from either series. Now it's about as similar to its inspirations as Crash Team Racing is to Mario Kart and Oceanhorn is to Zelda.
Battle Gem Ponies is its own IP that won't be subject to a Cease & Desist order, and will continue to develop in a way that mitigates such worries. All feedback is reviewed and taken into consideration for each monthly update. We want this to be the best game it can be. To extend the pony aesthetic and themes of cute things doing cool things outside of the show that inspired so many to pursue creative careers.
Steam Greenlight is going away soon, so this is likely to be the last push to get the game on that platform if people want it there. So if you like the direction this game is taking, be sure to give it an upvote on Steam!
Oh, and here's two additional screenshots, by the way! I figured it looked slightly ~nicer~ to include 'em in link form rather than just dumping them here at the end, haha!

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