Gardens of Equestria - This Coming Storm Prologue Chapter Released

Wow, it's been a hot minute since we've covered any mods on this site, hasn't it? This seems like a pretty good way to get back into the swing of those, though!
The first installment in a series of chapters, this one entitled "Prologue - The Watcher," of what seems to be a truly massive pony-themed Fallout: New Vegas modification called Gardens of Equestria went live very recently and is now available for download at NexusMods (NOTE: Requires Fallout: New Vegas and the Old World Blues DLC). Among the (naturally) new story, the mod's page promises new textures, fully voiced NPCs, a "fandom's greatest hits" radio station hosted by DJ-Pon3, an original opening cinematic, a custom soundtrack and new loading screens featuring future new locations.
Check out the download link above and the developer's website for more information on the mod if you're curious. Happy wandering!

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