The Equestria Gaming Arcade Has (Finally) Been Restored!

Well, it only took us, like, eight months to finally get around to it, but the arcade has finally been fully restored, thumbnails and all! ...Or at least as fully restored as we can manage, anyway.* We've got a whopping 113 colorful horse games to choose from now (over the, like, 24 we had when we started, haha), and I'm sure there'll be more to come over time! So, that all said, what are you waiting for? Go play!
*Surprisingly, only one game (!) out of over 100 others has been lost to history, which is admittedly sad but statistically wonderful, all things considered. We'd honestly expected just a bit more difficulty in getting the actual games themselves together; whether that'd be because the only source of a game had died, which is what cost us the aforementioned one game, or because a creator's work had become relatively scattered in recent years, making hunting them down a bit of a chore (lookin' at you, futzi01).
Also, we definitely need to change that old banner over to something newer at some point. I never understood what the above is even supposed to represent. What's even happening there?

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