Important Lyra's List Update

We are currently accepting GDD submissions for Lyra's List #3, but in the meantime, we've received some comments asking to allow people like programmers, artists, and musicians post to Lyra's List as well, so that they can be found and contacted by the devteams behind the projects themselves. We think this is a great idea, so from this point on, anyone who thinks they can be a valuable member of a project can submit to Lyra's List. Find out how after the break...

For full details about Lyra's List submission, look here. If you just want to know how to submit if you are looking for a project to work on, have some modified copypasta below.

You can write up a quick resume-like document (in Google Docs) detailing skills, experience, preferred genres, etc., so prospective devteams would be able to contact you if you fit their needs. This is preferred, but it is also acceptable to link to a site that contains work that you've done (your DeviantArt account, for example). Send the link to me at, with the word GDD somewhere in the subject.

Be sure to include the following in your email as well: your name (what people call you on the ponynet), and what your primary talent is (programming, background art, spriting, music, script writing, level designing, or anything else).

Just a reminder; all submissions for Lyra's List #3 are due June 30, 2012. That's all folks.
- Enigma Sage

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