As most of you probably know I have great disdain for the cloud-dodger genre. In general you play as Rainbow Dash and dodge clouds for eternity, or at least until you hit one. Sounds boring, eh? In most cases you'd be correct, but a game by the creator of Canterlot Defender has been uncovered, and despite it's rather overused genre it seemed rather promising.

Does Dash manage to transcend its comrades and become a great sidescroller, or is it just as mediocre as the others? Find out in our review after the break!

As with every other cloud dodger to date, you control Rainbow Dash and try to avoid hitting clouds. However, unlike those other games colliding with a cloud does not result in instant death (what were those clouds made of anyway, iron?), but merely slows you down (especially cotton candy clouds). That doesn't sound too bad, except for the fact that Dash is centered around building up enough speed for a sonic rainboom in as short a time as possible. Hitting as few clouds as possible is crucial to victory, and as your speed increases so does the game's difficulty.

Dash's greatest strength is it's exhilarating sense of speed. Rainbow Dash starts out flying at a moderately slow speed, and as she flies faster and faster a bowline begins to form in front of her. Clouds whip by in a blur that is almost distractingly beautiful, and if you pay close attention you will notice that the clouds in the background are also moving, which was a nice touch. The soundtrack (composed by General Mumble) also adds a lot to the overall feel of the game, and really makes you feel like the fastest thing in Equestria once you reach the higher speeds.

So in conclusion, what did we think of Dash? Despite my hatred of cloud dodgers in general, I cannot deny that Dash is great. As a matter of fact it's probably the best one I've ever played, and the sense of speed that it gave off was like nothing else I have ever seen in this fandom. It truly feels like you are Rainbow Dash, and not a lookalike that travels at relatively low speeds and can somehow be killed by crashing into a single cloud.

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- Tuxxy

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