Daring Do Flash Game v.89 Alpha

Daring Do Flash Game ver 0_89 alpha

A couple months back we posted about a very promising Daring Do Sidescroller Demo, and never heard anything else about it afterwards. Unbeknownst (and unreported) to us was that the project was updating behind almost everypony's backs, and until today we had no idea it had even made any progress. But my, what progress has been made! The game has evolved from a simple (and very pretty I might add) framerate test into a full-fledged fangame with loads of levels, a couple bosses, beautiful graphics and a great soundtrack. While we can't provide a review yet due to the state it's in and the game's large size for a Flash game makes putting it on the Arcade a tough decision, we can say that this game is a must-play, and is undoubtedly the greatest My Little Pony platformer we've seen to date.
- Tuxxy

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