Welcome to Ponyville at Bronycon + Interview

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A little while back Filly Gamez (the developers of that visual novel Welcome to Ponyville) announced that a couple of their team members are attending BroNYCon. Specifically Raish Dash and Writers Block are going, and they will be on the game developer's panel in the tail hall at 2:00pm. Apparently they're answering questions about the game (most of which will probably be on the romance feature) and will present a playable demo for everypony to check (which most of you will presumably use to test romance). They also said they will be handing out free vinyls to fans of the game, although I'm guessing that they will have a limited supply so try and get a hold of one as quick as possible.

Oh yeah, they also had an interview with The Lighting Round podcast. Find it after the break!

- Tuxxy

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