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My Little Pony Windows Phone 7 Portal (Download)

A while ago this bloke named ReignOfComputer offered to include Equestria Gaming on an app for Windows Phone 7. He claimed that the app would act as a central pony hub for all WP7 users, making life easier for the lot of 'em and giving him some recognition among the fanbase in the process. Well now that the app is available for public use, does it live up to his claims? We have no idea, as we have no way to test it at the moment, but if you have a Windows Phone 7 then you can give it a spin. Just follow the link above and follow any instructions that you might get, mkay?

Oh, right. There's also a press release after the break, and if you like that kind of stuff...well, it's there in case you want it. It gives a more detailed summary as to what the app actually is, and what you'll find within it.

“My Little Pony Portal” is now available on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and will be an exclusive app to the WP7 mobile platform. Best of all, it’s FREE.   My Little Pony Portal, or MLP Portal, is a feature-rich application that combines several functions and services related to My Little Pony. MLP Portal acts as a gateway, providing easy access to several prominent news and services including:-
·         Equestria Daily
·         Equestria Gaming
·         Ponyleaks
·         Pony Mix Central
·         My Little Pony News
·         Derpy Hooves News
·         The Round Stable
·         The Daily Oat
·         Bronies for Good
·         Twitter
·         YouTube
·         PonySquare
·         EverFree Radio
·         Celestia Radio
It also allows quick access to My Little Pony’s, Memebase, Reddit, and Wikia sites.

Don’t forget style – that should be considered. MLP Portal is based off the Metro UI, making it beautiful to look at and use.

Regular updates have been planned in advance to bring new features such as the integration of Bronyville Podcasts among others. Improvements to YouTube and Twitter to include more profiles are also coming soon. With all the features currently available, the reality of this app is sure to make this... The Best App Ever!

My Little Pony Portal is available globally on all Windows Phone 7 devices, and may take up to 24 hours to appear in your marketplace.

So what do you say then bronies, care to step into the modern world and put My Little Pony Portal to the test!  

For more information, including a full credits list, please visit

- Tuxxy

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