Super Derpy: Muffin Attack Preview

A cloud dodger... with flash animation? And it just updated? I love you guys sometimes. Somepony's caused chaos near Discord's statue, giving him just enough power to turn muffins into muffin-zombies. He's trapped the Elements of Harmony in their homes, planning to bide his time until chaos reigns and he can rule Equestria  once more. Fortunately, he hasn't accounted for Ponyville's resident muffin expert! More after the break.

All that's available right now is a development preview with a single level, but the game already looks very promising. After a beautiful scrolling-tapestry style intro vaguely reminiscent of Wind Waker, the game opens on the overcast skies outside Ponyville.

Mmmm, pretty textures...

Control Derpy Hooves as she soars through the skies, dodging muffin-zombies, flying pigs, and pies(?) while collecting cherries and muffins. The gameplay didn't blow my mind, yet - that is to say, it was fairly standard for a side-scrolling item dodger. However, the effort put into the animation, cutscenes, menus, and voice-acting was evident. I'm looking forward to more from this promising project!
- Arctic Lux

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