Equestria Gaming Schedule Test

Our little pony gaming site has grown quite a bit over this past year and a half - including views from the Arcade, we've almost hit 4 million pageviews! We at Equestria Gaming aim to continually improve our site as we grow, providing more and more varied content for you all. With our new submit system and big improvements to the EqG Arcade in the works, we've started working on improvements here and there.

Today marks the first day in a weeklong test of a new weekly posting schedule for Equestria Gaming - something to make sure you get a big share of pony gaming content each and every week. You can find this test schedule below the break. Keep in mind that this is what it is - a test, and is definitely open to change or improvement.

Throughout the Week - News Posts - If anything noteworthy in the world of pony gaming happens, we'll be sure to post it. This doesn't have a set day - there will most likely be multiple of these a week.

Sunday - Developer Spotlight - A feature on an individual pony game developer/devteams that will highlight their work.

Monday - Review - Classic EqG feature - a review by one of the authors of a pony game.

Wednesday - Review

Friday - Arcade Additions Compilation - A short piece on the games that were added to the EqG Arcade over the past week.

Saturday - Review

Periodical - Lyra's List - A monthly feature which allows people with an idea for a game to submit a design doc and attract possible team members, and for game artists to submit their previous work and find a devteam.

Periodical - Game Maker/Downloadable Games Compilation - There are a large number of games submitted which aren't large enough to merit a full review, and are also not in a web-based format, which makes adding them to the Arcade impossible. This compilation would help recognize these games.

Give us your feedback in the comments - what do you think about the schedule? What would you like to see from Equestria Gaming? Every idea helps!
- Enigma Sage

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