My Little Game Jam Date Announcement + Theme Voting!

Earlier this month we posted about about this upcoming event called My Little Game Jam, a 2 day game-creation competition. Back then we had no idea as to when this was taking place, but now with the release of the team's new, sexier website website we can now confirm that the event will be taking place on October 5th at 23:59 UTC. Theme voting is also up, so if you want to help decide what the games must be about then you can do so over at You can also suggest new themes if you'd like, but try and not go overboard like you guys did with that silly Dub the Dew contest. After all, who would want to play (or make!) a My Little Pony fangame about Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts, eh?

And no, I am not wishing luck to the hopeful contestants, as I trust that they won't need luck. Our fandom has some very talented developers, you know!
- Tuxxy

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