Norah Galaksio and Dark Dream - games by 飛蛇 Pue-Tsuâ

Join Norah Galaksio and her trusty penguin sidekick on a brick breaking space adventure!

Norah Galaksio

Play the game here! Available only on Android, although you can download an Android simulator and play there, too.

This game is basically a brick-breaking game with many levels, all framed within a space adventure of two characters, one pony, and one penguin.

Some screenshots would make this clear:

Dark Dream

The official trailer.

This is a simple 2D shooting game, where you play as Starlight Glimmer, shooting sparks at dark ghosts. You can upgrade the sparks using collectible gold and silver stars. I have not yet reached the end, if there is an end.

飛蛇 Pue-Tsuâ

The author of these two games is Pue-Tsua, a Taiwanese brony. According to their "About Me" section:

This meme-pony (Stardust Stellar) is apparently their ponysona!
Puetsua, pronounced as "pu-eh zu-ah". Also known as Hankofficer, Hank before.
I have a Master of computer science of information engineering at National Taiwan Ocean University. I'm also a self-taught artist and taking commissions as a part time job. Currently I'm a game developer and dedicated in making video games.
I speak Mandarin and English. I'm learning Japanese as my fourth language. I also speak Taiwanese Hokkien(Or Minnan), which is my first language in my hometown Taiwan.
They are very popular on deviantArt as Puetsua, with over 2000 watchers. They also have a YouTube account and a Facebook account.

Not a surprise, considering how cute their art style is:

Sometimes the author posts Chinese memes on the Facebook account, as shown here...
Image may contain: text
Basically a furry-fied , presented by the pony and the pentui

Consider supporting the author on Ko-Fi.

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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