Legends of Equestria update: Farmers and Miners Rejoice

Farmers and Miners Rejoice Update
In the newest update "Farmers and Miners Rejoice", Legends of Equestria gives earthponies two new "secondary unique skills" to hone: farming and mining.  
Everypony can mine with just a pickaxe, but you need a special mining talent for the rarest gemes. And farming is an exclusive earthpony activity, just as the Hearth Warming Eve episode stated!
Other than the two exciting updates, there are also other tweaks. For example, now you consume less energy while sprinting, and if you are pegasus, your energy drain in-flight will depend on whether you are flying upwards or downwards.
The updated version of the game also provides you with an opportunity to constitute a mining or farming team with other ponies to till as well as explore the land either to grow some seeds or locate hidden collectible resources.

Unicorns and pegasi, fret not; your second unique talents are being developed, and will come in due time. For now, you can check out more details regarding this update in our changelog for the release.

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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