D'lirium update: Beta-17.2, and a bonus game!

First, an update on the horror game D'lirium. Then, an announcement about an upcoming new game by the same development team.

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What is D'lirium?

As described on the Patreon page:
D’LIRIUM is an experimental 2D shooter about colored ponies with survival-horror elements that is made with Game Maker Studio 2. In that game, i’ve realized many of my old ideas that hasn’t found their places in my other projects.

What's the update?

Beta-17.2 was released in June 16. This new version fixed many bugs, and added features, mainly graphical. A few that caught my eyes are:

  • Reduced required time to reach "clueless gamer" achievement
  • Fixed a bug where the player returned to life after killing enemies without being a maniac
  • Fixed the behavior and general work of Darkness in the personal hell
  • Added "Lantern Invasion" mode
  • When shooting at friends the player takes psychic damage
  • The character now comments on the player's actions
  • We still need to optimize Lanterns, which, unfortunately, are still very stupid and buggy.
To learn more about all the new update, visit here and here. It also has a Discord server.

A small note: the developers are Russian, which explains why the English language seems a bit off.

D'LIRIUM: The Golden Rogue

This game, in the "coming soon" stage, is currently viewable on Steam:
An experimental satiric 2D-shooter game, a prequel for the original D'LIRIUM game. The Golden Rogue combines the mechanics of the original game, adding the new features, levels and enemies.
There is a trailer from October 2018, although no further information:

Well, I am not worried. This is, as they stated, a fun prequel to the main game D'lirium, so they probably work on it only in their spare-spare time! As they helpfully claimed:
RELEASE DATE: When it's done.

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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