Be a hero (Daring Do or Starswirl), fight monsters. The Project: Mania is coming!

Coming soon, in 20 days! Put that down in your calendar!


Project Mania is a series of games in development that are presented and compiled as a single, greatest-hits collection celebrating the recently-concluded run of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The first of these games is Daring Tales, a side-scrolling platformer directly inspired by the classic, DuckTales NES, where acclaimed author and seasoned adventurer AK Yearling, better known as Daring Do, has to run, jump, climb, and Pogo where no mare has gone before.

Who made it?

It's horror_and_oats!! My favorite pony game maker!! No, seriously. He is probably the second best pony game maker I know. The first will always go to the maker of Fallout: Remains, which no joke is more fun, and has fewer bugs, than Fallout 3.

His previous works include gripping tales like Day Dreaming Derpy, Spike's Time Off, Spike's Day Out, and others!

I actually made a Let's Play series on that! Read it here.


Coming soon to SAGE 2020, Sept 5 - 12.

Future updates will include additions to existing content as well as new games added to the collection, ranging from turn-based RPGs to puzzle-adventure games in the vein of previous fangames Day Dreaming Derpy and Spike's Time Off.

All gameplay and assets are not final and subject to change.

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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