Another Equestria Adventure Demo

The Equestria Adventure title screen
(Ponychan thread)

 In an effort to show that his Equestria Adventure fangame (which we posted back in September) is not dead, mpa has released a brand-new demo featuring 4 levels and a boss. The controls still take a while to get used to and the boss is kind of boring, but once you get used to them the demo is quite fun while it lasts. As the game's creator put it on his project's /collab/ thread, "I honestly don't think I'll ever finish this thing, but hopefully this is fun enough to please anyone who has been eagerly waiting".

 Meanwhile, these headaches are getting rather's been over a month since they started, and I don't know how long they're going to last for.

Clarence being stupid, as usual.

Oh, my, something in my eye - eye
Something in the sky - sky
Waiting there for me
- Tuxxy

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