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Where's Derpy?
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Derpy Hooves, undoubtedly the most famous background pony of all time (sorry Lyra!) finally has her very own fangame, and this one really fits her in-show status as a "Where's Waldo" -type challenge for the fans to find in every episode. Disregarding the fact that having Derpy in something makes it automatically awesome, just how good is the game? Find out after the break!

Where's Derpy? is a very simple game. In it, upon starting a level you are shown a scene from the show and instructed to find Derpy before the time runs out. You'll receive a higher score by finding muffins, and upon completing the level you move on to another, more challenging level. The game comes with sixteen levels and is rather short if you have a sharp eye, although most of us will spend quite some time trying to find all of the delicious but well-hidden muffins.

Can you find Derpy?
The included levels vary greatly in difficulty, with some being fairly easy and others that are quite challenging. In some of them you'll really have to strain your eyes just to spot our favourite blonde pegasus, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, I found the game's overall difficulty to be just right, with a good balance between easy and hard. If the player wishes for an extra challenge, there are hidden Lyras in 10 of the levels, locating all of which will earn them a nice achievement to brag about. There really isn't much incentive for replaying Where's Derpy? once you've completed the game and collected all the achievements (which was a nice touch, by the way), although it should take you a fair amount of time to collect all those muffins.

The achievements are a nice touch.

Overall, Where's Derpy? is a good game. It's fun, has Derpy, contains a fair amount of levels, and should keep you occupied for a couple minutes. However, once it's completed it doesn't have that much replayability, and even though content updates may provide more amusement it's not something you'll be coming back to. Still, while it lasts Where's Derpy? is a lot of good, simple fun, and for that I give it a 6.

Xtux, out!
- Tuxxy

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