Mane 6 at the Canterlot Gardens Convention!

Mane 6, the developers of MLP: Fighting is Magic, are have announced that they are attending a new convention titled the Canterlot Gardens, which takes place from September 28-30, 2012 in Strongsville, Ohio. So far, only Nappy and Leeden have been stated to be attending the convention, although apparently there are other, unannounced members that will be attending. We still have no idea what they're showcasing since September is a long ways away, although thankfully we have Bronycon and the Everfree conventions along the way. So if you live nearby (or have plenty of cash on your hands), Mane 6's presence alone should make the Canterlot Gardens worth attending, even though I'm sure it'd already be a great convention without them. So if you're interested, go on and check out the Canterlot Garden's website at, and when September comes around I would highly consider attending if I were you.
- Tuxxy

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