Rather Large Immolation Update

The developers of the MLP: FiM-related first person shooter Immolation just released a massive blog post, and even though it's far too big to repost the entirety of it's content, I can still give a condensed summary of the original, massive wall of text (which you can read at their original post), along with some concept art and work in progress screenshots of the game.

So basically, the entire story has been revamped. Its changed to "a mild satire of the U.S. Government", and features something about a conspiracy, protesters turned terrorists, and threat of a civil war. To be honest, the full description was kind of murky, told in first-person perspective, so this is what I made of it (if you can figure anything else out, let us know in the comments). Nine new members have been added to the dev team, and strangely enough one of them apparently isn't even a Brony, but found the project intriguing enough for them to work on. Below you can find some concept art, two music tracks, and some screenshots. Enjoy!

Sunny Immolation Room
Immolation HQ Concept Art #1
Sunny Immolation Room 2
Immolation HQ Concept Art #2
Immolation Office
Immolation HQ Concept Art #3
Guard Concept Art
Expanded version of the Guard concept art
OK, so that's it for the concept art (click to view larger versions). Now for the music!

Music Box - Mod DB

Congratulations on making it this far! Now, if you've been good and patient, let's have a look at those screenshots, shall we?

New walls


A door!

A lovely window

Yes, I know it's in a very early state, but I just thought that it would be worth posting. After all, we gotta use what we get, right? Oh, and thanks for making it to the bottom. Some people give up at the very top, but unlike the vast, lazy majority you didn't (unless you clicked on the comments link or scrolled all the way down, you big cheater)! So give yourself a pat on the back, kick back and relax, unless you cheated. If so, then go to jail.
- Tuxxy

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