Legends of Equestria

Many of you have seen the breaking news we posted recently, about the disbandment of Equestria Online. Well, as of now, a new MMO is in development by many of the same developers. It is called Legends of Equestria. You can have some copypasta below, explaining it a little bit. More information should come in later today, so stay tuned!

Recently, a group of former developers from another popular MMO based on MLP:FIM have decided to begin an independent project. They will be known as Legends of Equestria, and the current amount of content they have is already more than that of any other pony MMO game to date.

We’ll release more information under the name of Legends of Equestria when we have it.

Feel free to visit us at http://www.legendsofequestria.com/.
- Enigma Sage

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