Gameloft's Welcome to Ponyville Gameplay Footage

Update: the title for the game has been revealed: Welcome to Ponyville. I get the impression that Filly Gamez won't be too happy about this...

Apparently Gameloft has been developing an official My Little Pony mobile game for a while now, and yesterday one of the developers released a video preview that showcased the game. I must admit that overall it does look rather pretty, but it seems that this game is yet another example of how ponies really don't look that great in 3D (PonyKart managed to get around this with some fancy shading, but it would probably drain cellphone batteries to have that). This game should make an interesting review to say the least, although that reviewer won't be me since I do not currently own any working mobile devices.

What do you think of this preview, eh?
- Tuxxy

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