Super Smash Ponies

Everyone loves Fighting Is Magic - however, not everyone was raised by the Street Fighter series. For some of us, our first and fondest memories of side-scrolling brawlers will always belong to Super Smash Bros. Fortunately, we at Equestria Gaming only feed our armada of caged game developers when they're hard at work. At their current rate, we're on track to ponify every major game release since Pong by 2018.

For his latest project, Fluttershy77 (Zilven Sparkle) is hard at work on a ponified, pixelated version of the classic. We're still waiting for a playable release, but he's recorded several more trailers on his channel. The project looks promising - so far, we've seen final smashes and some basic bot fighting - so go check it out!
- Arctic Lux

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