Project:Harmony Teaser

Alas, our wondrous fandom still lacketh a MOTHER-style RPG, but fear not! Project:Harmony is here, riding on its shining horse and repelling the forces of darkness with its stunning graphics, terrifying foes (just look at the size of that giganto robot!) and a cast of incredibly handsome Bronies who can love and tolerate the crap out of all haters, even not-so-invincible clumsy robots! For the first time ever I am going to rate a game based off of the trailer alone, and give it a ten out of-

Sorry, I can't keep this up. In case it somehow managed to escape you the above paragraph was a joke, and despite what you might expect Project:Harmony is an actual fangame. They're releasing an actual announcement and trailer for their game on November 21st (which also happens to be my birthday), but they made this silly teaser just for laughs and...I couldn't resist posting it. Sorry folks, but you'll have to wait a mite longer to find out what Project Harmony is actually about...
- Tuxxy

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