My Little Game Jam has begun!

Why are you reading this? You're already behind! Yes, the first round of My Little Game Jam started four hours ago! You've only got until this weekend ends (midnight Sunday to Monday UTC, or 4:00 PM Pacific Time on the 7th, for all my Seattle bronies) to complete your game. It's certainly not too late to start - but you must have your chaos-themed My Little Pony fangame completed and submitted by the deadline. Here are the rules, shamelessly copied from their front page:
  • All assets and game logic must be created during the weekend of competition. 
  • The contest is individuals only. You have to work alone.
  • The game must follow the theme announced at the beginning of the competition (chaos).
  • Code and assets must be open-sourced and added to the submission.
Caught flat-footed? Never fear: you may miss the contest, but any 48 hours is a perfectly good time to make a pony fangame in my book. I'm thoroughly jazzed to see what you guys come up with, and I'm certainly looking forward to raving about the winners come next week!
- Arctic Lux

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