My Little Game Jam: Winners Announced!

My Little Game Jam is over, and the winners have been announced! It's great to see some of the games I've had the pleasure of covering and playing on the list. Check them out after the break!

Category Winners:
Pinkie Pie (Fun) Category: Order of Twilight [Maurice]
Applejack (Balance) Category: Chaos in Ponyville [Waffle]
Rarity (Graphics) Category: Daring Do and the Scepter of Harmony [Pix3m]
Fluttershy (Ease of Play) Category: End of Chaos [ToCoool]
Twilight Sparkle (Performance): Sugar Boom! [sparklepeep]
Rainbow Dash (Chaos): Chaos in Ponyville [Waffle]

Overall Winners:
3rd Place: Corruption [Oddwarg]
2nd Place: Order of Twilight [Maurice]
1st Place: Chaos In Ponyville [Waffle]

Congratulations to the winners! You can find all of the entries here
- Arctic Lux

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