MLP: Offline Episode 1 Launches

Download it Here!
That's right - the MLP Online devteam has released the first episode of five for their offline version of the game. The episode is entitled "First Contact" and is quite a while in the making. You can check out the post on their forums, and you can view the official press release after the break...

Today, we on the MLP:Online Team are proud to announce the first release of our single-player campaign: Episode 1: First Contact. Play as Twilight Sparkle and AppleJack as their curiosity and Twilight's love for Science begins an adventure that will take them across the whole of Equestria: 
A meteor lands near Ponyville, and Twilight leaps at the chance to be the first to study it. Despite the opposition from her friends, the urge to study it gets the better of her, and she is joined by AppleJack as she embarks on her quest to find the meteorite (and to tell Celestia all about it). But even the edges of the Everfree Forest are not safe, and they soon find themselves in more trouble than they can handle!

Find the download over on our website at ( and join us in anticipation of the remaining 5 episodes to come!

First Contact has been long in the making, and we have worked hard to complete it. It certainly has been a long and rough trip since the debut of our initial beta back during BronyCon Summer 2012.  Thanks go out to each of our current and former team members, the Brony community, and all of our friends and affiliates who made it possible. We sincerely hope you enjoy the first episode of the game, as we have had a blast making it!

- Enigma Sage

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