Luna's Quest Help Needed!

Luna's Quest
Surprisingly enough adventure games are a rarity in this fandom, and until recently the only existing MLP adventure game was the stunning Cutie Mark Crusade: A Dash of Adventure (which has sadly been put on hold). Thankfully this one bloke and his sister decided to do something about it and created an adventure game titled Luna's Quest with the Adventure Game Studio engine. Together they managed to complete a decent portion of the game along with some rather impressive pixel art for the cutscenes, but it turns out that the workload is too great and apparently they could use a couple pixel artists to help with the level backgrounds and field sprites. If you are interested in helping then send  them an email over at

Part of me wanted to include this in the last Lyra's List, but then I realized that it was far enough into development to warrant its own post. Have an outdated gameplay video after the break!

The very first ingame room. Note the changes in the character sprite from the most recent version.
- Tuxxy

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