Sun and Moon (Strategy Game)

Sun and Moon
Now, this isn't a video game. It's a strategy board game for two players (like chess), created by Dave Bryant. You can find the game's rules, as well as printable game boards and pieces at the link above, so you too can engage in the epic struggle between celestial and lunar. It's simple to learn, but offers many strategic intricacies that could make matches of Sun and Moon true battles of wits. You can find a bit more info after the break...

Sun and Moon shares similarities with chess-like games like xiangqi or shogi. It itself, however, is rather unique in design. The gameboard features 12 circles rotated about the center point, and 5 concentric circles to form the paths of travel for each player's soldiers, with representations of the sun, moon, and earth forming the "heavenly bodies."
The Gameboard (with Notation Markings)
A player takes the side of one of the two royal pony sisters to determine whether sun or moon will rise victorious. Each side has 13 soldiers - 4 earth ponies, 4 pegasi, 4 unicorns, and 1 princess. Each of these unit types has it's own way of moving and capturing pieces. To win the match, a player must force their opponent's princess into a position where she may not make a legal move to escape being captured. This is called "banishment" (akin to checkmate in chess), and the winning princess prevails.

Sun and Moon is very interesting in concept, and provides many opportunities for the employment of strategy. It's still being tweaked at the moment, but I can definitely see this game eventually becoming a niche staple. Pretty soon, we'll have to establish a governing body to rank the various grandmaster-caliber players which are sure to appear! 

- Enigma Sage

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