Review: Doomsday Ascending Part 1

Doomsday Ascending Part 1
Doomsday Ascending Part 1 (NSFW!)
Warning: the game contains Rule 34 imagery, although viewing them is optional.

 Videogame adaptions of fan fiction is quite rare, and for a good reason. As can be discovered by simply picking up a story at random from FIMFiction the vast majority of them are quite lousy, and Doomsday Ascending was no exception. It has no redeeming qualities, and unfortunately falls more on the mediocre side of the scale which means that it isn't quite as amusing to read as, say Winnie the Pooh Assimilated by the Borg. The author, Jerry "Bhaalspawn" Peet, was apparently so full of himself that he decided to create an RPG based off of his cliche storm of a fanfic, and claimed that it used a "heavily modified" version of the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.

  If you have been paying attention you've probably realized by now that this game is going to suck, but just how bad is Doomsday Ascending? The only way to find out other then playing it is to read our review, and you can do so by continuing on after the break.

  In Doomsday Ascending the player will switch between controlling two main characters: Twilight Sparkle and the original character Ascentia Kortai who is a humanoid alien that destroys worlds. Apparently the twin Princesses have gained their power by draining Equestria's magic dry, and Ascentia figures that the most convenient way to solve this is by mucking about and killing everypony. Basically the entire game is just wandering around aimlessly, talking to ponies and deciding whether to "embody" (spare) them or "break" them, the latter of which involves either mind-controlling them or destroying them utterly and unlocking some Rule 34 of that character. In my opinion the only part of Doomsday Ascending that can remotely be called "gameplay" is the two turn-based combat sequences, but both instances were just as uninspired and dull as the rest of the game.

A battle scene.
"Hey guise look at me I'm defeating goddesses lol"
  While the graphics and music are not the most important parts of the game they still do play a part, and by the looks of it Bhaalspawn didn't really put much work into it at all, instead choosing to rip all his assets from other games/artists without even bothering to credit them in the files. The tileset is one of the default RPG Maker VX Ace tilesets included in the box, as are all of the non-pony character sprites. He even somehow managed to end up giving his main character a portrait that looks nothing at all like her field sprite! As the MST3K cast would say, "They just didn't care!". The game is filled with stuff like this. Backtracking in certain areas can cause cutscenes to loop, towns are filled with inaccessible buildings with open doors, unclear quests, human clothes in pony shops, etc. The list goes on and on, and if I pointed out every little detail where the team messed up this review would be longer then In the Beginning was the Command Line.

  This game was bad enough already, but adding pony porn was the last straw. This is yet another sad example of the mentality that "mature stuff is better" where people throw in adult content in hopes of somehow magically making their product better and attracting more players. There are other, more potent ways of rewarding evil deeds ingame, but just slapping Celestia's butt on the screen after the player kills her just makes the creator of this trainwreck look childish and immature. Besides, how would Ascentia even access the R34 anyhow? It's not like Applejack carries around smutty images of herself...right?

 In conclusion, Doomsday Ascending was a terrible, boring mess of a game and I do not recommend playing it. Bhaalspawn claims he "takes weird or unrealistic ideas, blow them entirely out of proportion, and demand that fun times be had without any thought towards sense". Unfortunately for him neither his stories or his games are remotely enjoyable, and he writes characters that are flatter then a board. My advice to him? Turn off his computer and find something else to do that doesn't involve wasting other people's time, like getting a job. At least his game could have been so bad that it became a fun experience, but he flunked again there too and created what is without the doubt the dullest and least interesting fangame I have ever found.


What's that? He made another fangame too? It can't possible be worse then this...right?
- Tuxxy

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