TEMNO Trailer

 If you've been following our Twitter account you may have been aware of a Limbo-style platformer/puzzle game through various screenshots that we have retweeted and given feedback for multiple times. Many times I have wished to see some actual gameplay footage of TEMNO, and last Saturday Astonov granted that wish with the release of a video update. Apparently the game takes place within a depressed Pinkamena's mind in which she is trapped inside and Twilight has broken into in order to rescue Pinkie. In a game like this graphics are of the uttermost importance, and hopefully Astonov manages to pull off a look reminiscent of Limbo (although I don't expect it to be as good as Limbo, since it is a solo fangame project after all). The fact that he is designing the majority of the game's environments with his DS is impressive, although I suspect that without some of Limbo's subtle effects such as grass blowing in the wind the environments may end up feeling flat and dull. That doesn't mean that the game will suck though!

Also, one thing that I think Astonov appears to have forgotten is that Pinkamena is not only depressed, but batsh** insane. If he realizes this and makes TEMNO reflect this somewhat...we might just have a winner on our hands.
- Tuxxy

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