The Long March through Manehattan - Let's Play - Fallout Equestria 0.7 - Part 5

This is the fifth installment of my Let's Play series about Fallout Equestria: Remains v0.7. The fourth post can be read here.

The Long March Through Manehattan

Last time, I was talking with Calamity and others, who told me not to go to Manehattan, and yet
Saying goodbye to Calamity and others, I marched towards Manehattan, the towering wastes of thin concrete mountains, where I shall die tenfold more for my sun.

I want to fly into your sun
Need faith to make me numb

Live like a teenage Christ

I'm a saint, got a date with suicide

Immediately, I encountered a new species: Griffons.
First glimpse of the Talons.
Wait, is that...
Finally coffee!!

Can't deal with the wasteland without my coffee...

The Manehattan Ruins were filled with strong fighters, such as (fake) alicorns, griffons, and slavers. I fought long and hard, level by level upwards, until I reached the top of the building.

With my binoculars, I scanned the ruins of Manehattan, and there in the distance...

But I took a closer look and found bad news.
Celestia damn them!

False gods or not, they are fearfully powerful. I was immediately killed upon encountering three alicorns at the second level.
They were flying out there around the checkpoint, too, so that every time I became resurrected, they immediately killed me again. 
You never said forever, could ever hurt like this
You never said forever, could ever hurt like this
It was so bad I had to quit and reset the room completely.

Live fast and die fast too

How many times to do this for you?

How many times to do this for you?

Moving on...
I encountered a room saying "slaves" and found a terrible scene:
One of the ponies talked to me and said something very interesting.
Gah! Velvet is always just one hoofstep ahead of me.

There was also a note on the griffon guard I killed. Basically, there were two groups of griffons hired by some slaver ponies. One group went with the slavers (to catch slaves probably), and the other group (that I just killed) remained to guard the slaves, and ordered to kill all ponies wearing PipBuck because those are worn by the Steel Rangers (a faction of ponies with heavy technology. I killed two of those last time.), and Steel Rangers were dangerous.

Holy Celly... another??

Named "Exterminatus" just in case you don't know what it's for.
So I threw my one and only "sparkle-grenade" (the most powerful grenade in the world)  at it, and BOOM!
Is it me or is there a smily face there??
BTW, it was made of radioactive sparkle-cola, seriously.
Great for clearing your mind and the wasteland!
The battle was quite literally one-sided. I hid behind a wall and kept chucking grenades at it while it shot around randomly. It felt almost like artillery game.
Even more serious fighting later, I reached the monorail leading to the M.A.S.
As excited as I was to finally reach the Alicorn Amulet, I simply could not afford the adventure on such low health, so I went to the base to replenish my supplies, as well as showing Brass Buckshot a fabulous weapon I found during my Long March.

Brass was so moved by the sight of the legendary artifact, he offered me free ammo and let me keep it.

.... and I accidentally closed the game.
Almost rage quit!
Now I have to fight through level 3 of Manehattan Ruins again to get the M.A.S.
Goddess facehoof
... and we are back to where we were!

It's scientifically proven that cursing relieves pain, and sometimes my verbal analgesics get really creative.
Poke me with your holy horn!

Too literal!
Literal wat
A bloatsprite king.
All of my wat
Despite the dramatic background music, this boss turned out to be just an annoying weakling.
Well, back from the madness to more trot-of-the-mill killing...
*bawk bawk*
Surprise! *boom*
Finally, the M.A.S. tower before me...

The M.A.S. Tower

The tower of Twilight is before me.
Immediately after entering this tower, found a really chatty terminal.

Sounds like the Steel Rangers came by and took all the artifacts here...

What?? It seems I'm more chosen than I expected. Someone from 180 years ago predicted that I would be here?
... what could this mean? Anyway, time to go deeper into the building.
Celestia save me.

I powered up StealthBuck, Rage, Stampede, a few other hard-hitting drugs, and brought out the Star Blaster and shot all three of them to oblivion.
Cosmia op plz nerf
Unfortunately, with great power comes great aftermath.

This is so real it hurts.

Battle with Unity

As I ascended the M.A.S. tower, the vengeance of Unity chased me at every move like deadly shadows.
One level up, there was a strange button with a terminal beside it...
Press button to fly.
I can fly with bat wings! A dream come true!

Let's fly together!
Every level was a deadly fight with deadly members of the Unity, but with superior firepower, I fought through the horde flock. Blood after blood, I crawled up the tower.
Finally, my Long March is approaching its end...

The Unity extended its flaming hooves of destiny to me, and I thought long and har-

Burn, dear Blood Moon?? We are already in hell, and our ancestors are to blame...
Spin my way out of Hell
There's nothing left this soul to sell
What is the worth of a soul? ... nothing. The Earth is fertile, and no amount of our megaspells can destroy Her. With infinite supply, the price drops to zero.
Sell my soul for anything, anything but you...
Sell my soul for anything, anything but you!!!

Yay! I killed her! I...

She entered her final form and brought out 6 bloodblades.
Time to get real serious.

2 seconds of real seriousness later, I was dead.

Let's see how we did today, still.
56 false gods destroyed, that's not bad. Until next time!

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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