TODAY:Legends of Equestria's Open Server Weekend

  As announced last month, the Legends of Equestria Open Server Weekend begins today after their Everfree Northwest panel ends at 6:30PM PST, although it looks like their server isn't able to handle the excitement and thus their website is down right now. Not all is lost though, as we were able to grab some download links and information about the game's current state to make things a bit easier for you. Hopefully the game's servers will be able to handle the huge amount of traffic that this will generate...

 Even if the event isn't live just yet, you can download the game client in the meantime so you can be ready the moment it's live. Downloads and copypasta after the break!

Linux (I know, right?)

Here are some things you can do in the game!
Customize your pony with our new mare and stallion models, new hair styles, and eyelashes
Buttercup and Bluebell the Wearable Items mares are ready to get you all dressed up!
Explore Ponyville
Explore Sweet Apple Acres
Explore the inside of Golden Oaks Library, Sugarcube Corner, and Carousel Boutique
Explore the Everfree Forest and go face to face with the Timberwolves! Look out for Zecora's Hut and the Moon Castle Ruins!
Visit majestic Canterlot! Have you talked to Astral Charm lately? I hear she's looking for you!
Dance your heart out!
Earth Ponies can do the "Ground Pound" attack
Unicorns can do the "Firebolt" attack and teleport
Pegasi can do a barrel roll in mid-air by pressing Q or E and a loop-de-loop by pressing R

Here's a helpful list of commands!
/listfriends Lists all your friends.  
/logout Logs out of the game.
/players Lists all the players in the room.  
/help Lists all the commands. 
/report <player name> Lets you report a player to the moderators. You can also click on a pony to report them.  
/playervisible <true/false> Toggles your player invisible for you only, everyone else can still see you. 
/cinemacamera <true/false> Your player will disappear and the camera turns into a camera-fly mode.  
/time <##> Sets the game time. 0-24. 
/stand Makes your pony stand.  
/sit Makes your pony sit. 
/dance Makes your pony dance.  
/unwearall Removes all items from your pony. 
/facehoof Makes your pony facehoof.  
/inventory Opens your inventory. 

Esc opens up the main menu
W, A, S, D to run
Shift + W, A, S, D to walk
Double tap W to sprint or fly faster
Double tap Spacebar to fly
Q, E to do a barrel roll
R to do a loop-de-loop
Arrow keys or holding down and dragging middle mouse button moves the camera
Scroll wheel zooms in and out 
Visit Maplesweet in Ponyville to get the elusive Dandelion Bracelet!
Do the "High Time for Pie Time" quest from Geizhufe in Canterlot to get the fancy pie tin hat!
- Tuxxy

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