Pony Portal Advance

A screenshot of Pony Portal Advance

As you all know Portal was a revolutionary game, and one of the few that brought a truly unique mechanic to the table. Sadly however, it's not exactly quite as unique anymore, as indie developers have utilized the power of portals, resulting in interesting experiences such as Mari0Portal: The Flash Version, and others. Is Pony Portal Advance on the same level? Nope, but it's still a somewhat worthwhile game, provided that you don't find it too difficult and can tolerate some of it's annoyances such as the lack of a remove portals button, which can make some puzzles nigh impossible without superhuman dexterity. Also, since it's a GameBoy Advance homebrew game you'll need either an original console or an emulator (the preferable option for most of us).

Hope you like it!
- Tuxxy

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