Friendship is Fragging Video Update

Since apparently some of you have been constantly bugging Negation Squared about another video update for Friendship is Fragging, they gave in to your whining and were forced to release one for you. So go on, watch it! And don't blame me if it's really boring, because you were the ones who clamoured for it!

Just kidding, it's not that bad of an update, although it's pretty evident that the team has been focusing most of it's attention on MLP: Rise of Vicis and not so much on Friendship is Fragging.  I'm fine with the FiF being delayed as long as they're still working on RoV, which in my eyes is a far more interesting project.

...And now for a piece of somewhat related news. Negation Squared has announced that they plan on releasing a demo for MLP:RoV in June, which I am really looking forward to. Let's just hope it doesn't fall into development hell, eh?
- Tuxxy

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