The vast majority of our fandom's fangames are in 2D, and for good reason. Ponies in general look much better when drawn in two dimensions then in three unless some performance-taxing cell shaders are applied. Even then they don't look quite as good as some would hope, but alas, some game types are nigh impossible to create without 3D graphics. Is Questria one of these games? No. Many a hack 'n slash RPG has been made with hand-drawn sprites but this game refuses to use anything but 3D. Does it work? As you can see from the above trailer...not really. The ponies look rather unconvincing up close but thankfully the game's top-down perspective hides this most of the time. Questria still needs a lot of work, but if all goes well it shall hopefully develop into a wonderful little multiplayer RPG to play with your friends.

We saved the actual gameplay video for the space after the break to scam more pageviews out of you. Aren't we mean?

No, we are not being mean. We just wish to reduce the absurd amount of scrolling that one would have to do if there was no pagebreak. Good day!
- Tuxxy

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